Sunny Saturday

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Up early and off to perk, we all had a few errands to run, then travelqueen and travelprincess headed back to town to meet the gang for breakfast at Estels before they went to Caye Caulker. Paul and I stayed home to clean house. Sent my camera along with tq so you will get a couple of pics when travel girls return. The 4 of us are going to Sharon's for an afternoon potluck and pool party then we will go to bwg for an hour to say hi to everyone.

Pool party was delicious and so much fun travelprincess did not want to leave - she was trying to convince us to go off to bwg without her ha ha. Was nice to see everyone at bwg. We ended up going with Bill and Becky to Warumguma - a few of us wanted enjoy last day of lobster with some big burritos while the others got some delicious shrimp. Afterward we had to do DandiE's and then stopped to see how LA was doing and headed for home to chill out on the veranda.

Shout out to the girls at Becky's work - she is having a blast.

Happy Valentines

Travel girls

Hooked on perk

headed back to tacoshack

Happy ending to a nice Valentines day


Anonymous said...

TQ rocks! The island is always a happier (if that is possible) place when she is here.

tacogirl said...

I agree anon - tacos always love our tq visits and princess is added bonus this time.

tq said...

Awe... thanks y'all.. what a fun day that was!

tacogirl said...

Was super fun tq