Sushi Happy hour

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gela and I are just heading off to breakfast then I will have a shopping day. Pics to follow when I get home.

Had a nice breakfast at Mel's Drive In - we both got steak and eggs special. I love old diner's - they had cool old pictures on the walls - very American Graffiti I love that era.

Afterward we came back to Forrest's and Gela planned out our travel itineraries. She was like having my own personal gps. I had to run an errand for Paul this morning and she figured out the simplest way for me to ride bus and get close - it looked tricky on the map. The bus ride was great - went through Haight Ashbury area and had a nice scenic view.

Came back Forrest's place to drop stuff off and was heading to catch the bus down town when a sign caught my eye ... Happy hour at the sushi place - 25% off rolls. I got very excited - food happy hour how cool is that so I went in and had miso soup salmon and California hand rolls.

Spent a lot of time walking around downtown looking in shops but I did not end up buying very much. I crapped out at old navy and nothing I tried on was worth blowing my non existent budget for so I just spent $5 on 2 pair of flip flops. I was hoping to find some proper shoes too but no luck there so far.

On my way home I decided that more sushi was in order. They remembered me from earlier - I got to talking to the guy making my order. It turns out he is from Yucatan. He was really nice and gave me an extra hand roll - I think he read my mind cause I was going to order 4 but decided my eyes might be bigger than my stomach and asked for 3
instead cause I was getting soup and edamame as well.

Stepping back in time at Mel's Diner

Waiting for my bus

Short walk from bus stop

My kind of candy store ha ha

Colorful signs

Local daycare kids

My kind of happy hour

Delicious hand rolls


Lot's of people

Fanciest Old Navy building I have ever seen

Back for more delicious Sushi


Michele in Playa said...

Laurie, I'm sorry you didn't win but glad you are having fun in SF! Looking forward to pictures!

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

If I didn't know any better I would think that "You left your stomach in San Francisco!"

tq said...

I've been to that Old Navy! I remember there was this really hot young looking bum standing outside, asking for money. I was tempted to take him back to my hotel, clean him up. lol

tacogirl said...

Winning public vote with 35% is good enough for me Michele

lol CT you could be right

ha ha tq that is best Old Navy story yet