Creative is in the eye of the beholder

Monday, March 9, 2009

My friend once told me a story about how his kindergarten teacher singled him out for not drawing a bunny correctly - as an adult he was a very funny creative guy in many ways but said incident had a big affect on how he felt about himself in regards to his drawing abilities.

Whose to say what is right or wrong creative wise especially to a kid at that young age. True some creative efforts will be better than others but it is important not to forget that the act of having fun and being creative is just as important as turning out a masterpiece.



previously.bitten said...

I often wonder if these teachers are aware of the impact a slight comment can have. In so many cases, the impact of said slights go beyond their notice, completely unintentional.

But still - creativity for the sake of creativity is very important. The image of the watermelons? That's my favourite of the lot.

Tim Callanan said...

I like it when you leave me with something to think about. Great pics

Michele in Playa said...

Nice post Laurie and an excellent reminder to all of us with children in our lives.

tacogirl said...

Sadly I don't think many of them are previously.bitten - watermelon shot was taken at canucks Stacy was doing a big pig roast that day

Thanks Tim and Miclele