Crunching numbers

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Usually when you enter a contest you have no real idea of how many you are up against and just find out at the end if you won a prize or not and that's the end of it. I decided to post a contest breakdown for everyone so you can get a better idea of just what is involved.

Total entries 42 to date

Number of pictures in each category
People 41 - Animal 51 - Nature 53 - Creative 40 - Action 33

Total number of pictures 218

While most people entered in several categories some preferred to try their luck with a one shot deal. Please remember only 2 pics per category and to lable them as to which category they fall under.

I would also like to inform you of a minor change. Due to personal reasons one of our judges had to bow out - not to worry I have found someone who is willing to step in for Sunday's judging party so we will still have 3 wonderful judges.

After the judging is done and the winning pictures are posted, everyone who gave it their best shot and took the time to enter will have a picture posted. I think everyone deserves to be recognized for their photographic efforts and I know tacogirl readers will be happy to see more Belize pictures.

In other news I just checked out MoMo's restaurant where the Lonely Planet awards ceremony will be held on March 26th. It looks very cool place to party and from what I saw on the menu delicious. The voting is still happening so please do not forget to vote for tacogirl Best Image Blog if you like what you see. Voting ends 12 pm Friday March 20th Pacific time USA - your support is greatly appreciated.

I have just found out that that San Pedro Sun is being nominated by a few people in the Corporate organization of the year category for those that would like to vote for them here is the voting page.