Making plans

Monday, March 23, 2009

Been busy this morning sorting out what I need to do before going to San Fran. It is all very exciting and happening so fast.

Gela from the message board is coming to the party with me - she got the jump on volunteering for that job and has been a great help in figuring things out like how far it will be from Forrest's place to where the party is. She also told me about the "SuperShuttle" which is a door to door shared van service that can take me from the airport to the apartment that is handy as it looks like I will be ariving late at night.

For anyone local who has time today please go donate for a good cause. You many know Annie, wife of Julian the computer whiz at CMS2000. Annie Rivero is gravely ill and needs to attain blood "credits" at the Central Blood Bank.

It does not matter what type of blood you are all types are being collected. The way it works here is that any blood donated for someone can be swapped for the corect type. There is always a shortage of blood at the bank so replenishing supplies is crucial.

Technicians from the blood bank will be visiting the island on today to collect blood from volunteers. They will be located at the Fairdale Plaza (on the cobble stone road opposite the island academy) starting around 10am.

more to come...

I just got an email from LP - now the party is at Pete's Tavern which looks like a nice place especially since they have BBQ on the menu - secretly dreaming about steak already ha ha. They will also have comedian Ewan Spence performing for us. Gela we are going to have some fun.

On a side Note been chatting with LA a bit and looking like we might get to see each other as well.


tq said...

Donating blood is a wonderful thing. Hope there is a good turnout.

rump shaker said...

so happy for you!!ooooh those burritos in sf are amazing-street vendors,of course!

barry said...

Congrats of the win TG.Enjoy SF &.have a Safe trip coming and going. See you next week in AC

tacogirl said...

Lot of people came to donate tq

Thanks Court

See you soon Barry