More San Francisco adventures

Saturday, March 28, 2009

LA will be here soon. We are off for a day of shopping and sight seeing. We will go to china town today which I am looking forward to as I have not made it there yet. I might actually look at my shopping list not bothered to do so yet. LA told Gela to make sure and tire me out for her but I think she might be the one wearing me out not the reverse ha ha.

More to come

Was a great day shopping and riding cable cars around the city. LeahAnn took me for dim sum lunch and we got to talking to the couple who sat down beside us and it turned out one of them had been to Belize before. I told them to look me up if they ever come back. I loved the buildings in china town they looked so cool - my pictures do not do them justice.

For dinner we went to Boudin's in Fisherman's Wharf area - they make the best sourdough bread. We both ordered clam chowder served in a bread bowl and I had a caesar salad with mine - totally delicious.

After dinner I still had one errand to run - I was on a mission to get some new underwear and pick up something Cindy had asked for and I had not yet found. LeahAnn said we could go to target and she typed it in her gps to get the closest location. We were tight for time and ended up getting in the door with 10 minutes till closing. I raced to look for Cindy's item and no luck. When I got to the underware isle they were calling on the loud speaker to hurry up with purchases so I hurried up and ended up getting one pack the wrong size by mistake which we realized back at Forrest's place.

LeahAnn Paul says thanks for the pb chocolate you sent for him got into that bag right away. Not given Rick the good and plenty yet but will do so tomorrow - I know he will send thanks your way when he gets it.

LeahAnn was still trying to help me get what I needed for Cindy but we did not have any luck finding anywhere that was open. We decided to call it quits and ended up doing a nice ride home via the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the way 2 guys in a white stretch limo were trying to convince us to park the car and hop in theirs - they said they were celebrating life and had room for 2 more - we had a good laugh at that and LeahAnn told them our husbands would not likely appreciate their offer.

P.S. Monel if you are reading this I got your request for pez covered.

Loved riding cable cars

Hills were fun too

So much great architectire in Sf

Big hill

LeahAnn took this one

And this one

More hills - I really enjoyed not being on flat ground

China town is huge

This way to Dim Sum

Couple we met while enjoying lunch

Cool buildings

Very colorful

Stars on top

Chinatown street view

Fish in a chinese shop

Palmtree shot

Fisherman's Wharf

Horse and carriage

Boudin's Bistro was delicious

Buying sourdough bread



Anonymous said...

You're a BIG-TIME winner in many, many people's opinion - F*&^ those judges!! Hope you are having FUN in my hometown and staying warm...
And. yes, Trader Joe's is the BEST - one of my reasons to move back to CA or somewhere warmish where there is a TJ-


tq said...

Awe I love San Fran! Your pics brought back good memories for me!

LeahAnn said...

Taco, great pics! What a fun day, thanks so much for letting me share it!

tacogirl said...

Thanks Susie8888

San Fran is fabuloso tq glad you enjoyed the pics.

Thanks LA had a great time hanging out with you.