Nature ranks high in Belize

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Living on a tropical Island definitly ranks high on the nature scale - there is no shortage of wonderful images in nature here in Belize as you can see from my pictures below. The sky is ever changing - there are always colorful flowers blooming and I never grow tired of beach - palm trees and brilliant blue water of the Caribbean Sea.

I have been going through the contest entries this morning and there is some stiff competition in the nature category. I can't wait to post the contestants pictures for you all to see - up to 34 entries now.

If you like what you see please vote tacogirl Best Image Blog - Lonely Planet Blog awards 2009.



DragonChaser said...

Lovely photos!

Michele in Playa said...

Beautiful picturs Laurie and you're kicking @ss in the LP competition. Almost 700 votes today. I have 20 in the Bloggers Choice. Oh well.

tacogirl said...

Thanks DragonChaser

Fingers crossed Michele - I votes for you today