There's no place like home

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This past weekend I had the opportunity to represent Belize in the 1st Annual Lonely Planet Travel Blog Awards. I was very honored and excited to be nominated in the category of Best Image Blog.

I spent 3 days in San Francisco and really enjoyed the food - especially the sushi and the architecture and charm of the City. As I traveled around San Francisco I thought to myself 'this place has palm trees and is likely somewhere I would consider living.' Then I got to thinking about the hustle & bustle - how crowded it was - the temperature this time of year was a little cool to my liking and I missed the blue sea and friendly faces of San Pedro. Sometimes it's good to get away for a little bit for a nice reminder of how much you love where you live.

Special thanks goes out to all who made my trip possible by nominating me for these awards, and everyone who has supported my blog throughout the years. I would especially like to thank Forrest Jones - Pedro's Inn - San Pedro Business Association - Victoria House - Banana Beach - Caribbean Villas - Lime - Tropic Air - Travel and Tour Belize - messageboarders specifically Gela & LeahAnn who are regular visitors to Ambergris Caye - they showed me a wonderful time in San Francisco.

Familiar face at the airport

Almost back in San Pedro

Checkign in to catch my tropic flight

The couple in black tops were so funny - they sat beside me on the plane and we got chatting with the couple in front of us as well.



Community Based Tourism said...

Hi Tacogirl,
What is the famous food of San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

TG -

Is this someone who is giving you a hard time? Let us know when to call in the troops :-)


Tenerife said...

I love traveling too but it's ALWAYS nice to come home! There really is no place like home.