1000 free business cards

Monday, April 27, 2009

Funny how things work - I have been living up a few ideas to start running more contests on my blog and today I see a contest by Upstart Blogger and allbusinesscards.com to win 1000 free business cards - by the looks of it not may people have entered yet so I am crossing my fingers and giving it my best shot.

Ashley did a great post a while back about what every blogger should have on their business cards which I found to be very sound advice. Very handy card format for scatter marketing one's blog or website.

More to come I have to go the the e-vite sent out for Thursdays "Bets for Texts" fundraiser at Pedro's.

Went for a bike ride to town to drop off some stuff to be altered at Aida's shop - I figure getting 3 things altered is cheaper than buying something new. Besides it was time to cut up a couple of those granny length dresses I never wore and go above the knee ha ha.

Here are a few pictures I took on the way out of town of the face lift Wings ( our only department store on the island) is getting.


tq said...

Looks like Wings is really comign along!

tacogirl said...

Yup looking even more like a real department store now ha ha.