Advanced planning not so advanced

Thursday, April 16, 2009

For all of you planning to come to Paul and Jeff's birthday party we are still going with our original plan. Still waiting on a few minor details regrading how long we have the boat and at what price before I can send out e-vite - will let everyone know asap.

I am really excited now and can't keep it a secret any longer. We got Seaduction Catamaran from 4:30 am - 12pm.

More to come have to get ready for the pool now.

Nothing is ever set in stone. Boat plans are up in the air again - will be a surprise in a few ways right down till the end. It's not always easy staying unattached to outcome - just focusing on Paul having a good birthday and Jeff to of course and being open to how ever that is meant to come about.

Other news for those of you into social media Pedro is on twitter.

Courtesy of Gurustu