Change is good

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It is good to shake things up every so often and I decided today is a good day for that.

I am starting off by taking myself to breakfast at George's then a bunch of us will meet up at Canucks to hear Drummer Dan's new band play. We have not been there in a long wile so will be a nice change for a sunny Sunday.

Word is that Dan Gino and Derrick are playing around 1 - 2 pm and there will be bbq available. Lyle just said he and Don are going over to play as well so that will be cool.

Happy Anniversary to Dick and Carole.

More to come...

Drummer Dan's beach jam was a great time.

It will be a regular thing Sunday at Canucks from 1pm - 5pm - bbq is available.

We missed the first set and when we got there Rock In Peace the high school band were playing - what a cool surprise. They are definitly a talented bunch and deserve our support.

Nancy is organizing a fundraiser for them April 16th at Wet Willy's - the goal is to get some new equipment and raise funds so the band can play at Festival of the Arts in Belize City - more details on that as I get them. For anyone interested in helping them out they can always use strings pics sticks tuners and chords or cash donations can be given to Nancy Scott just email me for her contact details.

In addition to Drummer Dan Gino and Derrick - Russell - Ted - Keith - Don - Lyle and Seth all jammed today. What a great mix of people. We got to enjoy all the different combo's that played and hear a wide range of great music.

Rick's reminder - don't forget the tip jar when you go see the band it's good to help support the Island Musicians.

Veranda jam

High school band - Rock in Peace

2 Pauls

Mario Dick Jaques

New bambino


Carole getting a baby fix

Ted - Drummer Dan - Keith - Russell



Chatty boys

Flying kites

Crash landing

Kite rescue by Chunky and Lyle

Gino - Dan - Seth

Stealth bomber tied to dock - flying it self