Feuding friends

Monday, April 13, 2009

Been an interesting day - after last night Paul declared war to Cindy on facebook then we met up with her for breakfast to discuss the details.

It all started last night when Paul threw Cindy in the pool fully dressed after she slapped his leg which is badly sunburned from Saturday's beach day.

Today it went a bit further when Cindy posted a picture of Paul's dumbass burn on facebook and her blog - I have to say he was clearly posing for it ha ha. She forgot that since Paul is our # 1 web guy he had her blogger password. He proceeded to hijack her post and added a pic of his own for fun.

After a few texts back and forth we ended up at Pedro's tonight and he was continuing to razz her about having made his next move but not letting her know what it was. Fred was there with his laptop so it did not take to long for the cat to come out of the bag. We all had a good laugh and Cindy made a new post. We all agreed that the slap and throwing in the pool canceled each othher out and the 2 pics same so for now they are on level ground and both willing to call it even.

Pedro's new building

30 rooms - some long term rental and the rest short term

Went up really fast - first floor is already being rented for short term stays

Walters handy work

Walter setting up wii for Chase and Cruise

Libby and her friends

Mary and Jeannie's kids with Mary and Fred

Walters kids are in town till Wed

Cindy laughing at Paul's hijack of her blog.


rump shaker said...

that is too funny-love both parties sense of humor!i was thinking "whoa cindy" when i saw her (supposed) pic on her blog!!

tacogirl said...

Yes was funny Rump is funny cause anyone who really knows her knows that would not be her ha ha.