Fred Somes memorial service

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thanks to Dick and Carole's golf cart Cindy Cherie Paul and I all made our way to the Palapa bar this aft for Fred's memorial service.

When we got there the place was packed with friends and family who came to pay their respects. People made speeches and talked about how Fred had impacted their lives in some way. 3 boats took people to the reef to scatter flower petals and his ashes while the rest of us watched from the Palapa Bar.

Afterward we took the back way home so we could catch the sunset. Cindy suggested we go for nibbles and a drink at Sunset Grill and we all agreed it was a good plan. We chatted and enjoyed shrimp appetizers and a drink.

While on our way to drop Cindy and Cherie off we saw Jack walking home from docking his boat so we hijacked him and brought him along for the ride.

Fred pics

Cherie Cindy and Paul

Pot luck

Pictures of Fred

Full house

Talking about Fred and fond memories

Boarding boats to take his ashes to the reef

Flower petals

Heading to the reef

Miss Jan helping the boat dock

Flower petals sprinkled from upstairs at Palapa Bar

Coming back from the reef

Last boat in



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to a man who was Definately well liked.
I didn't know him, but I wish I had.

Bill M

tacogirl said...

I did not know him as well as many there Bill but you are right about the well liked - many good memories were shared.