Good motivation

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are getting good motivation to keep exercising from all angles.

First off we have Monel dropping off peanut butter cookies to Paul at Pedro's last night - then we have all our friends texting and popping each other on the coconut phone to see who is coming to aquafit class and lastly going for breakfast with same friends at Monkey Bites afterward.

Paul Carole and I all checked our weight on the gym scale. We all decided it is kinder than Chunkyruth's bathroom scale and as a result not quite as accurate - Cindy verified which one was right from knowing her weight on 2 other scales.

Cheap flights to Belize - Saw this deal on Christine's facebook then saw Pedro's added to it a bit... Air Fare Sale to Belize on now $297 Return from Newark. Add Pedro's Grand Opening Special (45% off rooms - $28 US per night) and you've got a cheap vacation to Belize. Neither one mentioned where they saw the deal unfortunately - will let you know if I find out.

Full class - 13 of us today

Molly was glad when we were done

Off to breakfast

Hola from Gwen and Dave

Sitting outside at Monkey Bites


Coconut for breakfast