Happy Labor Day

Friday, May 1, 2009

This morning I put pics up from yesterdays Island Academy fundraiser at Pedro's - was a great time. Still need to add text but will fill that in over the weekend.

It's Labor day in Belize and I decided to take the day off. This evening I did get around to doing some work on the school blog with an April update and May wish list.

Paul aka tacoboy pointed out an interesting post on the message board this afternoon.

Short version... BEL (Belize Electricity Limited) buys electricity from a hydro-power company in Mexico. The Mexican company announced that due to problems with their own power plants, they will suspend the sale of power to Belize for 4 months, starting now. BEL advises customers to be conservative in their use of electricity. If Belize has no power at all coming in from Mexico for the next 4 months we may want to anticipate and prepare for frequent an prolonged lapses in power.

Monel just popped me on coconut phone after reading same post and asked if I thought it was going to happen. Although I am not sure if it is totally confirmed - I will not be surprised if it does. In any case it can't hurt to get flashlights and crank radio in order. Luckily we are close to Banana Beach as they have a generator.

For all those of you in the Lime Challenge tacoboy and I took a hit for you today and enjoyed a delicious high cal meal. We decided to make a late breakfast at home and had bacon with real maple syrup on it - eggs (fried in same pan after bacon was made) - cilantro & garlic home fries and toast. YUM.

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