Mini power outs

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Working hard all morning on lobsterfest planning - between organizing Blog Fiesta and decorating two booths I am keeping myself quite busy. Of course you can't run on empty so cooked a lovely breakfast for Paul and I this morning - eggs - fried potato & ham with toast on the side.

Message from Quick Silver Dianne... There will be scheduled power outs from 8 - 8:15 am and 4 - 4:15 pm daily until Tuesday.

Lara came by this aft and we hung out on the veranda talking about our latest dreams and schemes. It's always good to have our chat sessions we both get a lot of ideas that way.

Went to Pedro's tonight for some bowling - yahtzee and pizza. On our way there we had a fabulous happening - ran into Ruth and Monel carrying fresh made warm fudge. 2 YUMs up for that delicious goodness ha ha.

Lizard hanging out on our veranda



Anonymous said...

Hey TG, just noticed that your links to other AC blogs seems to have disappeared. Just curious. Keep up the good work, love your blog

tacogirl said...

Hi Anon thanks for enjoying my blog. Links are still in same spot of you scroll down the page look for Belize Blogs section right under archives.