Yard Sales and bangers

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tuning in live from Lime while we wait for breakfast.

Paul read in the papers about a yard sale at Corona Del Mar so we decided that was a good Saturday morning thing to do.

First person we saw there was Nancy - she told us there was another one at TMM so we hitched a ride with Steve Lee and had a look. Happy to say that we did not buy anything from either sale - did not see anything we could not live without.

Since we were already in town we decided to hit Lime for breakfast - it's already jumpin. Sharon shared the last of a Galaxy bar with us another fringe benefit of being friends with people on the Lime Challenge. For all you banger fans Lime has a fresh shipment in.

Paul texting Cindy and calling Chunkyruth - looks like we may end up at the pool for some aquafit after breakfast.

Steve Lee has great timing on our way home from breakfast he found us again and gave us a lift back home.

We all agreed Paul's pool idea was a great one. Chunky led the class for the most part and we all chimed in with reminders of things Madame makes us do. By the time we got to the deep end we got a bit more floaty minded and did not quite make our full routine.

Cindy kept mentioning she was starving and needed to eat so it was decided the best course of action was to go to Catamaran for an after pool snack. Whole there Cindy decided we should have a bbq tomorrow and that we should do it by the water so she called Chunkyruth and asked if we could hijack their bbq in he afternoon. They were agreeable so we set to making plans.

We parted ways but not for long as we were all going to meet up again at Pedro's. Cindy had to work - Paul wanted to watch the basketball game and some of the fight and I was looking to get a few rounds of Yahtzee in before Cindy got Busy. Got to meet up with Heather and Andrew - they had a great 2 tank dive and saw 5 sea turtles.

Paul and Nancy

Paul heading to second sale

Lively crowd at the end of the bar

Yum - they do great scrambled eggs

Helda took this one

Pool time with Cindy Chunky and Ruth

Soon they will be back in Minnesota for a bit

Hungry monkeys off to Caribbean Villas for some food

Lovely day

Paul and Molly played coconut

Cindy and I played poker dice

We all ate nachos

Molly thinks the world will end if she does not get a nacho

Yahtzee with Cindy at Pedro's before she got too busy - my Dad's dice cup set

Kyle's pic of him playing a joke on his dad

mmmm pizza tonight we had 1/2 garlic shrimp and green pepper and 1/2 bbq chicken


Anonymous said...

OH HOW CRUEL!!!! The picture of that pizza sent me right over the edge..not only do I miss Walter's garlic shrimp, my diet won't even allow me to make my own...


tacogirl said...

Dita I knew you would like that one - diet is right up there with swearing as far as 4 letter words go ha ha. I am hoping to convince them to do pesto pizza one day maybe with spinach.