After Party

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A bit more on last night and today...

We had to make our traditional Island perk New Years stop this time it was just a quick hello then we decided to walk back down the beach to catch the fireworks show and make a pit stop to see who was at Playa Lounge.

Carole Dick and I decided to beach it some more and went to check out Ramons Dock - the palapa is gone and they have more of a sunbathing area. Afterward we did a quick pass through on Coconut's party to say hi to Dianne and Nancy. Dianne said lots of people were snapping pics all night - so if anyone wants to share please email a few.

Got email this morning from my brother saying he came down with fever and chills last night. Hopefully he was able to cast aside his symptoms for the plane ride. He asked us not to plan anything for tonight - which is perfect as it has been raining off and on all day and feels like a lazy Sunday.

11:48 am it is raining harder now - enough so that I started taking out extra rain ponchos and an umbrella to bring just in case. Shout out to to nug-luvr and Dave, thanks for leaving us the 2 umbrellas and 2 ponchos. Luckily though the sun is out and we did not need it.

They all made it - plane was delayed 1h in Toronto but they still got here on time. Rob is taking a nap now - Paul is on the upstairs veranda and I am watching the Tournament of Roses parade (so far my favorite float has been the traditional Bollywood one) and TLC - Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic. Will go for a walk in a bit.

More fireworks pics on previous post

2 Pauls, Dick and Zac

Wade Carole Dick Paul

Ringing in the new Year

On the beach

Who will get off this plane?

Surprise it is Kay

Canucks arrive

Drying rain pants

Dan in first place Rob and hon take second and third

Hon and Dan

Luggage time