Gumbo Cook Off

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Been up since 6 am and very busy ever since - blogging setting up massage room and doing correspondence before exercise class. Gumbo cook off seems a million miles away right now - we have to go to Carole's at 3:30 to get haircuts and I still need lunch and a rest break in there.

Cart pic above is the one indygal is selling check message board post for details and contact info.

With all that going on today you know there's more coming.

We ran into Pedro on the way to Carole's so he offered us a ride. Aside from getting our haircuts we got to hang out a bit with Carole and her Aunt Denise which was nice - we are all so busy lately that sometimes it is harder to get together.

Just got word Lime is offering a message boarder special right now...
Anyone who comes into the Bar at Lime and says "I say old bean, how does one become a Limey?" gets a special - 5 beers for $20 Bz (or buy 4 and get 1 free), OR $8.00 Mojitos.
Don't forget to say it with your Best (Worst) English Accent.

The night ended up with gumbo and jambalaya 2 delicious dished by 2 great chefs - cheers to George Albiez and Chris Kohut for having the gift to make such delicious food. For more pics check out Bowling for Gumbo and see how Chunky came in for the win and beat me by 1 point on multi pin bowling.

Look who turned up at the end of the night