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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanks to all you great readers who voted for tacogirl in the Lonely Planet Blog Awards 2009. My blog has made it into the best image blog category. The voting period for this round of the contest is from Feb 25th to March 20, 2009 - so if you like what you see on tacogirl blog please go cast your vote.

More to come...

Omg excitement rising - getting prepared for my surprise launch tomorrow and I am in 3rd place. I may have been a slow starter but am closing the gap with a little help from my friends - it's go time ha ha.

Otter you sure got my day hijacked royally from afar lol I am adding some best of pics. Of course I had to go back to the beginning - 618 posts in all. I have not yet decided how meticulous I will be lol but I am enjoying the reminder of why we moved here and reliving the feelings I had when I shot the pictures.

I am posting smaller pics so please bare with the process as I will load a bunch and sort out text so it will definitly be a work in progress.

While you wait you can see some great pics here and for those of you who like fishing adventures click here. If you want a trip to the Belize Zoo while I put more pics to go up just click. For those of you in a the mood for fun you will like the Dia De San Pedro opening night pics - for some reason I often ended up at Dia De San Pedro on my own and looking back the pics remind me of time well enjoyed by myself.

I just hit the hurricane pics what a surreal time that was - I have to say though with Jim Jam and all our friends around we definitly felt safe and protected.

Minor tech troubles I have to compensate for portrait vs landscape - I think I earned a short break before sorting it out.

Luckily Cindy popped on the coconut phone while at work and we were able to order lunch at Lime which Paul has headed off on my bike to go it pick up - I can't wait I am starving.

Here is a fun Halloween post - kids loved the party what a thrill to dress up play games and win prizes. Up to Christmas now and after I select a few pics there I will have earned another break hoping lunch will be here by then.

I am up to 195 votes and have enough posting pics for now I made it through a good chunk of earlier blog posts to get the ones below and still have a packed folder full that still need deciding on.



Anonymous said...

Great news.. I have voted and sent the link to a bunch of my friends and family to ask them to vote too.
I stated that you provide me with my San Pedro 'fix' when I am not there. Cheers, Gail

Anonymous said...

Glad I could hijack your day TG. You've done the same to me many times as I read your blog and start to daydream -- just returning the favor. :) - Love, Otter

Lydiayvictor said...

Hello! We are Lydia and Victor the authors of (also nominated by Lonely Planet in the Best Spanish language blog cattegory). We would like to congratulate you for your blog and congratulate you on your nomination and wish you all the best.

Kind regards

Lydia and Victor

tacogirl said...

Always glad to provide you with a San Pedro fix Gail.

Thanks for the compliment and return favor Otter got me looking at things in a new light.

Good luck in the contest Lydia and Victor. My Spanish is muy poquito (sp?) but I liked your pics especially the food ones :).