Image counts in different ways

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On there are 23 different meanings for the word Image.

Most people would consider number one first when thinking of the word - 1. a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing, photographed, painted, sculptured, or otherwise made visible.

I liked number three - 3. a mental representation; idea; conception.
Image not just a picture - it is about how we choose to represent in many different ways.

Image is in the details. Since I started going through and looking for photos to highlight for the Lonely Planet Blog Awards - I could no longer ignore the fact that some of my text in older posts is not uniform. Image wise that is something I needed to fix in order to make myself happy. Which is why I made my first task of the day is going back and editing my blog to remove all the html code that is making my text messed up - talk about a princess and the pea moment ha ha.

I managed to make it through the first 247 posts which is pretty good. I was only stumped by one post which will not show half the pics even though when I go into html while in edit they still all show as there - may have to consult techtacoboy on that one. Break time for me I have an errand to run will likely write more later.

Still working Away on the next 370 posts - good news is I am getting faster ans spotting what I need to remove to make the text the same. While going through some posts from March 2008, I found with some pictures by Cullen Walker and travelqueen - since they are both entrants to the photo contest I decided to share them with you as well as these pics of another contestant Miclele - Life's a beach blog. The count is up to 19 people who have submitted photos to Belize Please.

1/3 done and I am so ready for a break and Madame's cottage pie that Paul brought home from Lime this afternoon - it's already 7pm and I am starved.

I will leave you with some pics from my walk with Court yesterday of a young girl who was balancing cups and a kitten while riding her bike home.

If you like what you see please nominate tacogirl for Best Image Blog in the Lonely Planet Blog awards.



Shopgirl said...

How sweet are those pictures. I love how she stops to check on her precious cargo.

holiday said...

nice blog and pictures are very nice

rump shaker said...

i must tell you it is so nice to be around a fellow passionate observer-i felt an automatic desire to take pics of this girl too but then remembered i was with YOU and you obviously took care of it!

tacogirl said...

So many priceless moments like that here Shopgirl a large part of why I love living here

Thanks Holiday

Rump that automatic desire gets on overload here lol as there are so many great photo ops - was a fun walk